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Please watch this video to help save a child's life -
I lost my 13 year old to sick people whom Dave is talking about. Dave is very passionate and uses language that may be offensive, but his purpose is no joke.

Feel free to peruse through my stuff. It should make you feel like you just found room full of old newspapers, machines, and knick-knacks from grandma and gramdpa's house. Of course, there are photos of some people, but mostly of places. There's also plenty of information gathered from the great, big Internet, sprinkled with some of my own tips and tricks. It's not as robust as I would like it to be, but I've been doing a lot to get this Suite Organizer program set up for personal use. Most of the "articles" I have are just references to information I found while being distracted from things I should be doing. I'm working on a contact page, too, for those who like to speak their minds. I do have a contact page at Enjoy!

The New Zealand Shooting Farce from #Net4TruthUSA - New Zealand Farce

Reading is Fundamental


When a topic gets stuck in my head, I like to write it down somewhere. This seems to be as good a place as any, even if it's for my own reference.

Some miscellaneous links including my Silver Strand beach gallery, and Light To Byte everything else gallery.


I really need to replace these photos with my own. If you like photography, try this exif reader out. I set it up on my server to easily see all the detail from shots I take, and number of shots I have on the camera.