Reliable and Skilled


Experience in various business environments offered the opportunity to visualize processes in action. Listening to issues during projects leads to ideas on how to build better processes. Results are fewer issues, more productivity, and more satisfied clients and employees. Defining good processes saves money, reduces stress on all supporting individuals, and project managers will be much more effective.

Examples of completed projects:

Acqman (Aquisition Manager) - Custom Access application created to track which contract specialists are working on specific contracts, used for reporting the progress being made on all IT contracts for the U.S. Navy.

Veteran tracking application used for continued support of veterans needing support for healthcare, legal assistance, clothing needs, and virtually any other needs our veterans are entitled to.

Production and order management application for a trumpet mouthpiece company used to take orders, manage workloads, packaging, and status of any order.

A complete health plan processing application from credentialling of providers to assigning contract detail to all providers.

Available features include contact management, email, newsletters, website creation, content management that can be shared using methods including websites and pdf reporting, data exports including Excel, csv, and XML, 100's of chart types, and private messaging. Security options include encryption, password protected sites and pages, firewall, and intrusion detection and prevention services.

Our process designs are built for accuracy, simplicity, and reliablity. We can save your company thousands of dollars in unnecessary communications due to inefficient data entry and misunderstanding of process definitions.